The Judging and the Perceiving types of personality have been well established by the Isabel Briggs Myers. According to Myres and Myres (1995), “It is up to each person to recognize his or her true preferences”. The judging personality is the one who is much involved in making decisions for almost all kinds of situation. It is the trait of decision-making, in terms of feeling a context or thinking about something, that a personality gets recognised as a Judging type. This is a type of personality prefers to remain more planned and systematically organised.

On the other hand, perceiving type of personality is more active with intuitions and sensitivities. This type of personality is more related to the wider perspective of looking into a situation. This is a personality that is relatively more flexible and accepts the spontaneity of life.

Thus, judging type is more involved in organised functionalities, along with well controlled steering in every walk of life, whereas perceiving type remains open to all kinds of experiences and accepts lessons in life.

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