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There are two types of Telecom Infrastructures in India which is Active & Passive. Passive Infrastrures in India leading Players like Indus Towers, Bharti Infratel, Tower vision, American Tower Corporation,Reliance infrastructures,BSnl etc. Mostly in India, Passive Infrastural growth not very remarkable. Like power Supply diesel Genset is very costly effective in remote corners. because diesel Genset is wasting money to run the diesel generator to maintain the tower running to upkeep network level high. As an alternative measures, solar power, wind power,Hydrogen Gas is also too costly to implement the same in india. very few Telecom infrastructures in India can effort this.


Also most of the Telecom passive infra products are imported from China because Chinese product has got a good demand in Indian market. Like Battery bank are imported from Chinese market. Also Inadequate supply of materials in time also affected to most of the telecom Industries growth because net work failure which cant offer 99.99% upkeep time maintained.

Also Civil & Electrical work not proper in some of the remote areas. Like Boundary wall foundation not strongpillar based. Most of the boundary walls not solid. In many cases, boundary walls are broken due to not civil foundations strong.

Most of the GBT Towers Radio Frequecy planning are not correct, so there is a signal problem in remoter corners. Also most of the Buildings roof top towers are not proper maintenance due to enough space & safety hazards from Telecom tower maintenance companies. Most of the AC’s not maintained properly which gives cool in the shelter room. Most of the Telecom towers in the remote corners not maintained proper security guards as well as not proper Electricty Board.


Most of the Passive Telecom Infrastructions is not proper AT certifications when a particular tower is in Air declared. There are different stages of AT before a tower declared on Air.

Most of RTT towers LandOwner disputes due to legal aspects. Also proper Environmental certificate is also a issue to make growth Telecom Infrastures in India. Most of the RTT towers situated in a very old building which is also at a risk on account of Earth Quake etc.


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