A.Some of the growth avenues US Telco should look at are:
i)Enhancement of its wireless (Wi-Fi) spectrum.

Smartphone penetration in US has reached nearly saturation levels. However, at the same time Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) is maturing. Also, currently telecom sector in US witnessing significant spectrum and capacity constraint. US Telco, being having strong asset base and ability to cater new tenants and equipment can cash on the untapped market of Wi-Fi service provider by leasing out its services.

ii)Upgradation of its towers to provide wi-max services.

New network technologies such as Wi-Max will attract more subscribers, as demand for high speed internet and broadband services is increasing at a rapid speed. It is expected that in coming five years, consumer spending is expected to increase at a annual rate of 2.8%. Which is a good sign for the industry who is experiencing  decline at a annualized rate of 4.6%.

iii)Upgrading its capacity to provide 4G services.

4G also provide high speed internet with a capability to switch to video calls form voice calls during a ongoing calls (known as VoLTE). This technology is sure to attract subscriber who make long distance calls. Also, VoLTE will be a major contributor for revenue growth.


Q4a. What will be the key integration risks and considerations that US Telco will have to consider to integrate successfully with your chosen target.


Some of the key integration Risk with the chosen targets may be:


•Business Stabilization and Continuity Risks: Since both the companies operates in different geographical locations with different technology, business stabiliasation may take time. Also, in case of ASA Tower this risk is more since it is a new company.


•Technology and Systems Risks: US Telco basically is a leasing company. Where by it leases its towers to other wireless communication companies. However, both ASA Towers and BBA Africa Limited provides mobile telecommunication services with various offerings. This can lead to risk of better integration and functioning of the company.


•Change Management Capability & Readiness Risks: Since management of the target company will get changed after the integration, employees of the  target company may feel depressed and may not come up the terms of new management.


•Regularity Environment and Legal Protection risk: US Telco, currently operated in US, which is rated excellent in terms of regularity environment and legal protection.  Same will not be the case with BBA Africa Ltd as both these are not very promising in Namibia. Argentina fares well as compared to Namibia in this regard but it is not as good as US.

Q4b. Please provide recommendation that US Telco will have to execute in the short term (30 Days) and long Term (180 Days).



•US Telco should share its vision with the employees of merged company to keep them motivated.
•Employees and management of the should be engaged with all the new decisions taken.
•Analysis of future plans and sharing of the same with all concerned.
•Preparation of action plan with achievable short term targets.




•Focusing direction and energy of New corporate Identity
•Re-evaluation and re-creation of unaccomplished plans.
•Dreaming the dream of the new future with all the stakeholders.
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