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CQF Programme Schedule for January 2019 Cohort is appended Below :

EXAM Released Submission Deadline
EXAM 1 14th March 2019 28th March 2019
EXAM 2 15th April 2019 29th April 2019
EXAM 3 03rd June 2019 17th June 2019
Final Project 20th May 2019 15th July 2019

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EXAM Schedule for the January 2019 CQF Program is Attached Below :
EXAM Released Submission Deadline
EXAM 1 14th March 2019 28th March 2019
EXAM 2 15th April 2019 29th April 2019
EXAM 3 03rd June 2019 17th June 2019
Final Project 20th May 2019 15th July 2019

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