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Subject Taught

MATLAB Data Mining up to Masters Masters
Data Structures Image Processing up to Masters Masters
Java Algorithm Development up to Masters Masters
C/C++ Soft Computing up to Masters Masters
Bioinformatics Regression Analysis up to Masters Masters
Operating Systems Data Analytics up to Masters Masters
Operations Research SAS Certification up to All levels Masters
Oracle Artificial Intelligence up to Masters Masters
RDBMS Machine Learning up to Masters Masters
Science Ph.D Project Assistance up to All levels Masters
Biotechnology M.E Project Assistance up to Masters Masters
Quantitative Aptitude B.E Project Assistance up to Bachelors in Engineering Masters
Research Methodology NET Exam CS/IT up to Masters Masters
Statistics GATE Exam CS/IT up to Masters Masters
Finance Assignment Solutions up to Masters Masters
Unix Online Assistance up to Masters Masters
Fuzzy And Neural Network up to Masters
Python up to Masters
Software Engineering up to Masters
Business Intelligence up to Masters
Big Data And Hadoop up to Masters
Java Certification up to Masters


researcher, having a prospective to learn in different way. Students can learn by reasoning for their learning. Students can learn with proper syllabus detail and can generate new ideas that will help them in their coming future. Students from engineering, masters as well as Ph.D can do effective learning by thinking in new dimension. we welcome all the students who have a knee to learn and develop new ideas in this competitive environment.

Find below some of the Completed Projects under our Supervision:

1 Robust Gait Recognition System For Human Identification
2 A Secure Human Face Recognition system
3 Rough Set with Fuzzy Parameter for Object Recognition and Tracking
4 Image Encryption using Vector Quantization and Chaotic Maps
5 Fast Particle Swarm Optimization with Fuzzy Constrained for Image Restoration
6 Motion vector selection for Image watermarking using hybridized rough set theory with Particle
Swarm Optimization
7 Mining Uncertain Data using Combined Apriori and Frequent Pattern Algorithms
8 A Possibilistic Fuzzy C-Means with Error Prediction Approach for Mining Time-Series Data
9 Apriori Frequent Pattern Web Mining for Temporal Fuzzy Association Rule Extraction
10 Minimum Spanning Tree Approach for Mining Incremental Large Databases with Hadoop
11 A Secured Cloud Computing Mechanism For Enhancing Mutual Trust Access Control
12 Cluster based Probabilistic Rebroadcast for Reducing Routing Overhead in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
13 Implementation of CBDS Technique on MANET to detect Byzantine and Resource Consumption attacks
14 Prediction of Leaning Patterns in Online Social Network

Our  Offering/Assistance:

Offering Industry-Oriented Course with duration 3-6 months in respective fields:

1. Advance in Data mining (with hands-on Practical Session)
2. Intelligent Data Analysis (with hands-on Practical Session)
3. Advance in Image Processing (with hands-on Practical Session)
4. Computer Vision with application to Machine Learning (with hands-on Practical Session)
5. Intelligent Big Data Analysis (with hands-on Practical Session)
6. Advance in Database & Data Warehousing (with hands-on Practical Session)
7. Python Programming (with hands-on Practical Session)
8. R Programming (with hands-on Practical Session)
9. MatLab Programming (with hands-on Practical Session)
10. Data Mining tools – SAS, Rapid Miner (with hands-on Practical Session)
11. Java Programming (with hands-on Live Project)
12. PHP Programming (with hands-on Live Project)
13. C, C++ Programming (with hands-on Live Project)

Offering Online/Offline Tuition/Assistance in respective domains:

A) Study Materials
B) Notes having Practical Examples
C) In-depth understanding through Implementation
D) Mock Test
E) Assignment Solutions

1. BCA, MCA (Computer Science, IT) All Subjects
2. B.Tech (Computer Science, IT) All Subjects
3. M.Tech (Computer Science, IT) All Subjects
4. Ph.D (Computer Science, IT) Complete Assistance
– In-detail Understanding
– Literature Survey
– Research Methodology Formulation
– Implementation
– Thesis Writing

5. B.Tech/M.Tech Final year Project Assistance
– Proposed Methodology with Implementation
– Practical Sessions
– Thesis Writing

6. NET/GATE for (CS/IT) preparation and complete assistance
– Classroom Coaching (online/offline)
– Doubt Clearing
– Problem Solving.


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Portfolio Management

% Naive MV Weights Comparasion

% Black-Litterman Min-Var Portfolio





% Naive Min-Var Portfolio




Min_Var_Ret =


Min_Var_Vol =


Min_Var_Ret_Naive =


Min_Var_Vol_Naive =


Create efficient frontier Markowitz

Taregt_Ret =linspace(Min_Var_Ret_Naive,max(Pi),20);
MV_Weights = zeros(Assets,Assets);
Port_Var = zeros(1,Assets);
Port_Ret = zeros(1,Assets);


for  i = 1:Max

MV_Weights(:,i) = Portfolio_Optimization(Pi,Covariance,Lambda,3,0,[],[],Taregt_Ret(i));

Port_Ret(i) =Pi’*MV_Weights(:,i);
Port_Var(i) = sqrt(MV_Weights(:,i)’*Covariance*MV_Weights(:,i));


area( Port_Var,MV_Weights’)
xlabel(‘Portfolio Volatility’ )
ylabel(‘Asset Allocation’ )
legend( ‘SPX  ‘ , ‘MEXBOL’, ‘CAC’ , ‘DAX’,’NKY’ , ‘HSI’, ‘AS51′,’KOSPI’, ‘NIFTY’ , ‘SHCOMP’ )

xlabel(‘Volatility’ )
ylabel(‘Returns’ )
title(‘Portfolio Frontier – Markowitz’)



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volatility 0.2


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