Exam 2 – September 2018 mod3

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CQF Module3 September 2018 Cohort Exam Paper attached herewith for your ready references.

Exam 2 – September 2018 mod3

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Hi CQF Delegates June 2018 Cohort Batch,

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EXAM Schedule for the June 2018 CQF Program below for your info & needful.
Exam Released Submission Deadline
Exam 1 16th August 2018 30th August 2018
Exam 2 19th September 2018 03 October 2018
Exam 3 01 November 2018 15th November 2018
Final Project 10th November 2018 07th January 2019
Detailed syllabus mentioned below : CQF Schedule – June 2018 Program
1) Module1————Building Blocks of Quantitative Finance
2) Module2———-Quantitative Risk & Return
3) Module3——- Equities and Currencies
4) Module4——-Fixed Income
5)Module5——-Credit Products and Risk
6) Module6——-Data Science and Machine Learning
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