Originality in an academic paper is a compulsion.as stated by the official declarations my every University in the world, the act of plagiarism is a legal offense and can lead to enormous hassles to the student’s career (Library, 2018). It is therefore, important to get MBA Projects /MBA Dissertations written manually. The relevance of manual approach towards any project or thesis in the fields of MBA Finance & Accounting, MBA in Marketing, MBA in IT Management, Masters in Leadership, etc. can make it absolute authentic and genuine. As noted by Edwards (2014) manually written materials are liable to remain clear and concise in expressing the real voice of the researcher and makes plagiarism a tough call. The reason is when a piece of MBA Projects /MBA Dissertations gets manually interpreted there is the maximum possibility that the writer is expressing his own voice, and it is here that the written document gets plagiarism free. Copying a material is harder than allowing oneself to write a content with adequate knowledge and understanding.
The essence of originality in any MBA Projects /MBA Dissertations for the fields of MBA Finance & Accounting, MBA in Marketing, MBA in IT Management, Masters in Leadership, etc.; demands clear knowledge bout the differences between a project work and a thesis /dissertation. According to the declarations made by UGA (2017) MBA thesis /dissertation remains inclusive of experimental design, research led on social grounds, analytical implementation of content under determined policies. Such documents allows the students to conduct approvedresearch on a long term basis, and the same appears fruitful to the human life. On the other hand, MBA projects or the non-thesis are meant to remain short lived. Such projects get tailored for students to meet specific mode of gaining knowledge about a particular topic.
Table 1 Thesis vs Projects

Source: UGA (2017)

From the table above, it can be well established that offering original understanding about the topic or subject is the core objective of all kinds of MBA Projects /MBA Dissertations. It is necessary to follow the University guidelines on a strict manner. Laying focus on topics from MBA Finance & Accounting, MBA in Marketing, MBA in IT Management, Masters in Leadership, etc., the basic approach to all sorts ofMBA Projects /MBA Dissertations remain research-based and initiated after clear sampling related to the concerned topic. Comprehensive understanding of the sampling offers a great relief to the students in facing Viva sessions. It is through different kinds of sampling like, cluster sampling, multistage sampling, non-probability sampling, simple random sampling, statistical surveys, stratified sampling, and systematic sampling, are effective in offering clear vision to the MBA Dissertation.
Originality is also dependent on the kind of study materials that the research choose to add to the MBA Projects / MBA Dissertations. The strict regulation is to remain intake with peer reviewed journal articles that were published in last 7 years in the fields of MBA Finance & Accounting, MBA in Marketing, MBA in IT Management, and Masters in Leadership. Eventually, the more critically each article will be interpreted from the inner voice of the researcher the more original will be the written works.

MBA Project, MBA Dissertation, MBA Finance & Accounting, MBA in Marketing, MBA in IT Management, Masters in Leadership

Edwards M. (2014) What does originality in research mean? A student’s perspective. Nurse Res. 2014 Jul;21(6):8-11. doi: 10.7748/nr.21.6.8.e1254.
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