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The Machine Learning Institute Certificate in Finance

Be part of the future of quantitative finance

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Quantitative finance is moving into a new era. Traditional quant skills are no longer adequate to deal with the latest challenges in finance. The Machine Learning Institute Certificate offers candidates the chance to upgrade their skill set by combining academic rigour with practical industry insight.

The Machine Learning Institute Certificate in Finance (MLI) is a comprehensive six-month part-time course, with weekly live lectures in London or globally online. The MLI is comprised of 2 levels, 6 modules, 25 lecture weeks, lab assignments, a practical final project and a final sit down examination using our global network of examination centres.

This course has been designed to empower individuals who work in or are seeking a career in machine learning in finance. Throughout our unique MLI programme, candidates work with hands-on assignments designed to illustrate the algorithms studied and to experience first-hand the practical challenges involved in the design and successful implementation of machine learning models. The MLI is a career-enhancing professional qualification, that can be taken worldwide.

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