Exam Schedule for the June 2022 CQF Program

Exam Released date Submission Deadline

Level 1 Exam 1 10th August 2022 24th August 2022

Exam 2 15th September 22 29th September 22

Level 2 Exam 3 17th October 22 31st October 22

Final Project 28th November 22 23rd January 23

Final Optional Exam : Saturday 12th February 2023.

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Also CQF Final Projects January 22 Cohort Solutions guide is ready for instant Delivery to your mailbox whose last date of submission is 22nd August 22. There is no Extension on Final Projects.

CQF Distinction Exam solutions guide is ready for Instant Delivery to your mailbox. Interested delegates who seats for Online distinction test on 10th September 22 should get in touch with us immediately.

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