Pl find below Exam Schedule for the January 2020 CQF Program :

Exam Released Submission Deadline

Level 1 Exam 1 27 February 2020 12 March 2020

Level 1 Exam 2 31 March 2020 14 April 2020

Level 2 Exam 3 23 April 2020 07 May 2020

Level 2 Final Project 18 May 2020 13 July 2020

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Hello Delegates,

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Hi Delegates,

CQF Final Projects JUNE 2019 Cohort Released today. Pl find below mentioned topic for your info & needful.

To complete the project, you must implement one of the listed topics.

Portfolio Construction with Robust Covariance (PC)
Market Prediction with Machine Learning (ML)
Trading Strategy Design & Backtest (AB)
Pricing Credit Spread (CR)
Interest Rate Modeling for Counterparty Risk (IR)

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Hello Delegates,

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