Financial modelling refers to performing a set of calculations or process to analyse the financial information.  This process is carried with some pre-decided objective and intentions. Usually it is done to assess performance and financial health of the organization or share and business valuation or capital project analysis or portfolio performance and risk assessment.

Financial modelling can be done with the help of developed software or it can be done manually through excel. The process or fix set of process as may be applicable to the desired objective is already designed and interlinked in the software or excel file for unknown variables. Once variables are inserted into to the model it will facilitate the desired output for intended objective.

Process or set of calculation will depend on various situation and objective and accordingly applicable tools will be used for financial modelling. Like for portfolio performance and risk assessment applicable tools will be CAPM model, Market model, intrinsic / fair value method, α, β, SML, SD, Correlation, covariance, probability etc.fcff_3 octdownload



  • The warehousing services provided by us includes transloading, Pick and Pack operations, Labeling, Packaging, Inventory control, Lot number control, Min – max stock level management and Local trucking.Working Standards:Working Standards:A well developed ERP system and procedure for planning and controlling storage, through which the customers have more control over their goods and at the same time allows them to minimize their inventory costs.Preparing and checking documentation for warehousing. Proper storage and handling systems speci*c to the nature of goods to eliminate any possibility of damage during storage.Inventory management enabling total control over storage and movement of goods.Distribution and delivery systems facilitating Just in Time arrival of goods at designated points.In addition, we are able to assist in identification and setting up of warehousing facility specific to the customer’s requirement as also to provide warehouse management services at customer owned warehouses.Logistics Logistics Inventory Management Inventory Management Pick/Pack , Road haulage Pick/Pack , Road haulage Door to Door Inventory ManagementDoor to Door Inventory Management Escort Accompanied ServicesEscort Accompanied ServicesFully Controlled Returns Fully Controlled Returns System System Bonded Warehousing Bonded Warehousing Order Ful6llment Order Ful6llment
  • Warehousing Opertions ::
  • The scope of work and the services being provided include:The scope of work and the services being provided include:Receipt of materialsReceipt of materials Fresh receipt of Materials against Purchase Order Receipt through SRNIssue of materialsIssue of materials Issue against NRGP Issue against RGP Cam MovementUpdating of records is done as explained in each and every activityGenerating of MIS reports.Updating and management of site inventory data.Stock AuditManagement of faulty materialStatutory Form ManagementDelivery and Pickup of Material from/to Warehouse
  • Forward Logistics  ::
  • The size of our transportation 9eet and range of our transport services enable the right goods to reach right place on time – always, irrespective of the package and the nature of goods.Transportation and site delivery of both part and full loads including over dimensional cargo.Planning and controlling transport including intermediate storage – backed by a competent sta; with high level of expertise.Material HandlingMaterial Handling – a wide range of material handling and lifting equipment including cranes, forklifts etc., enable a quicker turnaround and consistency in deadlines.Manpower supplyManpower supply – we are able to supply competent and well trained sta; to handle customer owned equipment like cranes, forklifts, trucks, Coordination and tracking of consignments for freight movement control till *nal delivery to enable customer to plan distribution and disbursement logistics of goods even before arrival. Overseeing and undertaking turnkey logistics for industrial projects including feasibility studies, route surveys, movement permissions, packing, supervision of shipping operations, loading, unloading on-site delivery as well as updates on project implementation and appraisals are other activities carried out.
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Tourism today has grown significantly in both economic and social importance. Travel and tourism is the largest industry in the world on virtually any economic measure including : gross output,value added,capital investment,employment and tax contributions. In 1992 worldwide international arrivals had reached 467 million. In 1992, the Industry’s gross output was estimated to be $3.5 trillion, over  12% of all consumer  spending worldwide international tourism receipts rose  by 6-7% in 1992 to $278 billion. The travel and tourism industry is the world’s largest employer. With almost 130 million jobs,or almost 7% of all employees. This industry is the world’s leading industrial contributor, producing over 6% of the world gross national product, and accounting  for capital investment in excess  of $422 billion in new facilities and equipment. In addition, it contributes almost $400 billion in direct, indirect and personal taxes each year.

Tourism is the major source of income for a significant number of countries including Italy,Spain,Switzerland, and most Caribean countries. All countries who have accorded priority to tourism development have succeeded in attracting the targeted number of tourists. Spain attracts more than 40 million tourists a year. Singapore with relatively no tourism potential draws 7 to 8 million visitors per year.

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Construction Equipment namely those equipments namely as Dumpers,Back-hoe loader, Piling-rig, Heavy duty cranes,russian bull-dozer,Piling rigs,Transit Mixers,Boom-palcer,Fork lift ,Mobile tower crane etc. which is used mainly in Construction Industries in India &  International levels. There is huge prospects of those industries in India & most of the International counties like russia,Germany, USA etc. Even in India, manfacturers of those equipments like L&T, camatsu,catter-pillar are renowned. In India, now-a-days it is one of the very boom sectors, Even in Middle East also like Doha,Qatar,Kuwait,Dubai now-a-days very popular. In India & middle East most of these Equipments are used in Construction industries like Road,Brides,High rise Builings,Metro-Railway constructions etc. It is given on Rental to those construction Industries like Simplex,GMR,DLF by the Rental Industries companies. When there is a shortage of Heavy duty cranes in India & other counties also, which most of the Rental companies imported from outside International counties which is popularly categories as Used machineries. So, for Importing most of the equipments their landed cost comes to certain amount which may given on rental to construction Industires will take may be 5 to 10 years to make the investment at Break even. Although , there is maintenance cost also very high since most of the Equipments are very old in age. Most of the machineries which are imported their custom duties also very high but if it is used in National projects in India so there is a benefit of Customes duties Exemption also.

But still it cannot be denied that there is huge profitability also for this type of Heavy duty industries In india & lot of employment oppertunities for Engineering professionals like Mechanical Engineers,Electrical engineers ,Civil Engineers as well as commercial & supply chain Management professionals.

So, For Rental companies now-a-days given special efforts given on marketing wing, Sales,commercial & supply chain deptts because it is co-related each & every deptt’s work as soon as the machines deploy to the sites & also Acquistion from the sites also after project is finished. Lot of logistical infrastural issues are there to run this type of industries. Again, there is also Govt. Policy support & regualtions  framework is there to increase this type of business in India.

But still it cannot be deniel that Construction Equipment rental Industies play a more important role in Construction Industries which has got a major contributions towards national Income in India with sepcial reference to GDP & NNP.

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What is a Project ?

A Project has some  or all of these features :

Unique, non-repetitive

Multiple Products                   =  coordination

Multiple  Linked Tasks

Multiple  Agencies                    = Complexity

Limited time                              =prioritasation

Limited  Rescources                 =optimisation


Process Know-how

Planning  and controlling

Unknowns, Risks

Definition   :    “A  Set of  co-ordinated activities,with a specific start and finish, pursuing a specific goal with constraints on time,Cost and Resources”(ISO 8402)

“A management environment that is created for the purpose of delivering one or more business products according to a specified business case”

Keys to successful PM :

1)  Planning,Doing,Controlling

2) Right actions at right time

3) Working systematically-not intuitively

4) Managing time and resources

5) Risk  Management

6 ) Managing Claims

Milestone  Process  Project Management :

Pre-Acquisition—–Project Acquisition—-Bid Preparation—-Contract Negotiation—-Project Handover—-Project Opening & clarification——Detail Planning——Sourcing & Manufacturing—-shipment—–Erection/Installation——–Commissioning——Acceptance test—–Warranty period

There are 2 phases of the Project  : 1)   Realization Phase     2)  Operation Phase.

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Banks create Credit.Credit creation by commercial banks India & most of the federal reserves in US,UK, & all european countires from a small deposit how Commercials banks & federal reserves create credit  that can be mentioned within the short space of an Essay.

Commercial bank knows that every Investors deposited money in commercials banks cannot be able to withdrawn whole portion of their deposits in a single day. let say Mr.X deposited $10000 in Bank of America. As per rules of Reserve bank of India & federal reserves of US,UK, there is minimum deposits should be kept as reserves with the commercial banks/Federal reserve banks.

Let say 10% of Total deposit of $10000 is equivalent to $1000. So, out of $10000, commercial banks can retain $1000 as reserves & let say that particular investors withdrawn $9000 out of $10000. so, Commercial banks can give loan to others that $1000 to some third party. that third party take this $1000 & put in his personal bank account. In that case, again this $1000 taken by third pary & deposit in some other banks wherein this person can  withdraw $900 &  banks kept $100 as minimum reserves. Again , Banks gives loan to some other person $90 out of $100 & kept $10 as reserves. This process will go on until deposit amout is so small that it cannot generate a fresh loan.

The above example i can set by algebra formulae like below :

Sn=   a/1-r     where  a = first term = $10000, r=10%. where Sn is the summation at the end of n years.

Therefore ,Sn= 10000/1-10%=$11,111

So, from $10000  deposits , it went to $11,111, so there is an increase of $1,111 & so on which commercial banks credit creation.So, from $10000 to $11,111.

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RecruitmentProcedure overview

Manpower Requisition Form : It will issued by the respective user department & forward the same to HR department.

Recruitment Plan : There is Recruitment plan for each user department which is Manpower Planning. It may be long term Manpower planning

Budget  : In Annual Operating plan, all department budgets for Recruitment should be mentioned. There should be a manpower budget in Annual Operating plan.

Sourcing  : It may be from Newspaper Advertisement, through internet like,Monster,timesjobs etc. Also referral systems which is employee referral systems very much lucrative.

Selection Process : There must be selection critirea of each Employee in an Organization. The Follwing steps involved in selection process :

1) if a person is excessive indebtedness in the market, he or she is not eligible for selection.

2) A divorcee within the separation of one year, is not elegible for selection.

3) Application Blank

4) Persons of unsound mind,Criminal in nature is not eligible for selection.

5) Background checking/Reference checking of a particular employee is a must for selection. HR deptt. should investigate the history of particular employee in his previous  Orgn whether particular employees track record good or bad.

6) Medical check up : Once a candidate is medically fit, then he or she is eligible for selection. if a candidate is not medically fit, then he or she is not eligible for selection.

7) Joining : once all above formalities over, then the particular candidate used to get offer letter for Joining. So, there must be Joing formalities of that particular candiates by giving his educations certifications,Experiences certificates to the HR deptt. for Office record. Particular employee should filed a joining report to the Head HR deptt.

*8)Post Recruitment Data Updating : It will be updated by the HR deptt when a particular employee already joined the orgn. HR deptt. should enter the data like his Educational Qualifications,Age, Employment history  should be updated in the database.

9) Induction Process : when a new Employee join in an Orgn., then HR Deptt. must Prepare a Training Programme of that Employee . Induction is a process wherein New employee is inducted each & every department of  the Organization, Product & services offered by the Organization. Each departmental Head is used to take this training of that New Employee who joined. So that particular Employee should not face any problem when he put on a particular job in the New Organization.

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Most of the Telephone operating companies in the world largely depends on Passive infrastructural growth. All telecom operating companies like American tower corporation, BSNL,Bharti Airtel,Reliance,Indus towers,Tower vision,All european  cellular companies,Huwaei & also all chinese telecom companies largely depends upon passive infrastures availabilities. Like DG Gen set,Batterry bank, Air-conditioning, Angular towers,SMPS, Shelters,GBT Towers,RTT towers, Civil works,Mechanical works,Electrical works all are passive infrastructures. All these facilities are the backbone of Telephone Operating companies world wide. Wtihout those infrastructures, A cellular companies cannnot take a single step forward. Even to maintain  Network management in Cellular companies which maintain  99.99 upkeep time due to availability of those infrasturctures. In the recent scenerions, Myanmar (burma), China (huwaei technologies) tremendus growth facilities due to this Infrastructures.

Also alternate sources of power supply in the remote corners like use of Solar Power, windpower,Hydrogen gas based instead of Diesel Gen set to maintain the network level at 99.99 in most of the advance countires with latest technologies like 3G, 4G  are also example of passive infra. Most of the Cellur companies in India & world wide, they creat their own passive infrastures to maintain the cost level. Passive infra also includes Warehousing, Inventory Management, Logtistics which includes third party logistics provider also.

Still  it cannot be denied that Passive infrastructures will continue to play a more & more important role in Cellular tower companies in the near future also.

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